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The Best Pizza Toppings You Never Heard Of

As a food, pizza is the perfect forum for a whole range of tasty toppings. While the classic trio of red sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni is hard to top, there are more than a few pizza makers who love to experiment. Whether you grab a slice in New York City or eat your pizza at panCoast Pizza in Walnut Creek, see if you can spot some of these unique pizza toppings and if you are bold enough to give them a try.

Beet Pesto
Instead of traditional basil, this pesto uses beets and pairs perfectly with goat cheese. This earthy, creamy, and slightly sweet combination on a salty pizza crust is sure to give you a rich and deliciously well-balanced bite.

Chicken Tikka Masala
A beloved Indian dish on its own, Chicken Tikka Masala can transform into a flavorful pizza topping. The curry spices and chunks of tender chicken bake nicely atop a good crust.

Strawberry Balsamic
The sweet of the strawberries and the zing of the balsamic vinegar not only taste great together, but it makes for a very pretty pizza. These toppings also go great with something smoky and salty like bacon.

Guacamole is not usually enjoyed in the context of pizza, but that only makes people wonder “Why not?”. Paired with a spicy protein like chorizo sausage, or as a part of a whole chicken enchilada-themed pizza, guacamole will be your new favorite topping.

Rhubarb Basil
A severely underutilized vegetable, rhubarb is full of nutrients and has a unique tart and sweet taste. And when it is combined with basil and baked on a pizza crust, rhubarb takes on a savory and delicious flavor.

Fried Calamari
Italian cuisine is no stranger to calamari, so it only makes sense to try adding it to Italy’s most iconic dish. This ingredient is best when be, fried, and paired with banana peppers and a spicy, creamy sauce.

Grilled Peach
When grilled, peaches take on a surprisingly smoky flavor that tempers their sweetness and goes great with a salty, cured meat like prosciutto. Toss some basil in the mix and you have a tasty and unique pizza topping.

Marinated Kale
If you haven’t had kale in some form or another, you’ve been living under a rock. This popular leafy green can also, of course, go on a pizza. Kale tastes great when marinated in olive oil, honey, and chili garlic paste gets a nice crisp when baked.

Tuna Fish Salad
This unexpected pizza topping traces its origins to the religious celebration of Lent, during which Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays. Not wanting to also abstain from pizza, some creative Lent-observers and pizza makers decided to use tuna fish salad as a sort of sauce on the crust, top it with lettuce and tomato, and serve it cold. You may not find this pizza when looking for catering in Walnut Creek, but you are sure to find it in White Plains, NY where tuna fish salad pizza started.

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