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"The sauce had such a fresh and lively taste!  The sausage pizza was delicious too."

"I didn't realize it was so close to Los Lomas HS...The tomato sauce had great flavor."

"This is definitely one of the tastiest pizzas I have ever tried."

"I have never tried an "east coast" pizza, but certainly loved Pancoast pizza!"

"I'd go back - now I know to take the S. Main exit rather than fighting WC downtown traffic."

"Good stuff! Love new places that sell BY-THE-SLICE!! I'm closer to the new Pinky's location but they lost my business when I learned they don't sell by the slice. Personal pizzas just aren't the same!"

"Good stuff. My dad was beside himself. He said it was the best pizza he's had in a long time. He ate almost an entire large pizza to himself. He might have just been really hungry. Sometimes he doesn't eat lunch...

"The sauce really was something special."Living 10 minutes from NYC I have had some of the best pizza. Pan Coast delivers, pizza is thin good sauce to cheese ratio. Overall a good tasting pizza. Prices are a little high that's why Im giving it 4 stars oh and when you make a strumboli don't put the sauce in it!! Have a seperate dipping tray.

"New jewel in Walnut Creek! If you love pizza come here. Great slices and salads. Had the chopped salad which was delicious and very fresh. Can't wait to return for the hoagies! They bake their own rolls. Definitely a winner!"

"Robert S. Pancoast and his wife Julie Tobias-Pancoast!  Great name for a pizza place. :)"

"The Caesar dressing was outstanding and full of flavor."

"The staff and Robert were very friendly."

"The staff is very friendly and the location couldn't be better because they are located just a few hundred feet south of the entrance to Las Lomas High School."

"Wow, this is the best New York  pizza I have had in years.  The crust and sauce were perfect.  I tried to eat 1 slice but it was impossible.  If you like New York neapolitan definitely give it a try!"

"My husband and I were so thrilled to find this place.  I want the world to know how delicious the pizza and hoagies are.  They sell their pizza by the slice just like New York and it tastes like New York pizza. "

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