We opened our doors at noon on Sunday February 19, 2012.

We are open Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm

Friday-Saturday 11:30am-10pm

Sunday noon-9pm

After four months of planning and permit fatigue, we were then able to convert this mundane  nail salon into this casual, bright, warm pizza shop in 3 months with the help of our friends and family both financially and in their  area of expertise. Ed Pancoast , professional architect, sacrificed lots of hours working on his own home to design our spot and build our beautiful copper counters.  Robert Mott (professional chef of 40 years)spent many many hours advising us on recipe development and supplies.

Robert Canclini, Lee Sharper,Dru Boggs, and Andrew Mercado all strapped on their belts and  gave Bob a hand getting the place built. Nicole Salmon of Arrow Sign Company used expertise to get us these killer signs refurbished and efficiently made. Julia Myall of Meyer Plumbing Supply came to our rescue several times and helped us out a bunch.  Brad Thompson of Westco Iron Works was kind enough to supply us and weld a few large key items for us gratis, and Scott Roberts helped us design our logo, menus and this wonderful website you are perusing with lots of love.

We have a great staff of local residents, friend's and family's kids, students, friends and a seven  year  veteran pizza chef working with Bob who has worked at some acclaimed pizza shops through the tunnel and in San Francisco.

Beer, wine, great tunes, sports on the tube and outdoor seating (coming this summer) will make panCoast pizza the local spot you can't help but hang out in. You will find everyone from students, to hospital employees, local neighbors to homesick East Coast pizza/hoagie aficionados on this bustling South Main corridor.