Pancoast needs your help

  • June 11, 2013 - 6:01 am
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Pancoast Pizza is redoing its website and could really use your help. We’re only a year old and need to get everyone to realize we’re the best pizza in town, and the next town over.

We don’t pinch pennies on ingredients, which is why our food not only tastes better than every other pizzaria, but it looks better too. Rather than taking fake “professional” photos of our pizzas, we want real photos. Your real photos.

So next time you go, “man that looks good.” snap a photo, and post it on facebook, instagram, foodspotting, twitter, flickr, or wherever, TAG US! (#pancoastpizza) If we like it, we’ll use your photo for the website, and to say thanks for being awesome we’ll give you food or something.



Kevin (the delivery driver)